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Black Stick - The PCB Design Solution

Since 2005

Founded in 2005 to supply a professional PCB design service to the electronics industry, Black Stick have moved from strength to strength, and are now considered world leaders in their field.

We can supply on-site long term or short term engineers if required.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

PCB design and beyond.

We specialise in PCB layout, and can add Hardware, Software, and Mechanical Engineering Design as required. With extensive experience in Space, Security & Defence, Satellite Communications, Commercial Products, Industrial, Automotive, Oil & Gas, and Medical industries. We harness some of the best professionals in the industry, to help turn your ideas into reality.

We can help you from the early concept stage of your design, provide prototypes where needed and offer full design support through to final production. Our design flow is modular, therefore if you only need a specific skill set, we can provide just this.

Black Stick have extensive knowledge in all aspects of electronic design processes and software, and are constantly updating our knowledge base to ensure that we can meet all of the design problems our customers face.

We also run PCB design training programs, both to train new engineers, and to help more experienced engineers overcome some of the challenges they have to face in an industry that is continually expanding.

All of our engineers are hand picked to be the best in their field. We ensure they stay there through continuous professional development encouragement.


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