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Thinking of moving to Altium, or already have the software but need assistance in converting your current system to Altium?

We are experts at helping our customers make the move. We can help you to develop and deploy a system plan to get everything you need over to Altium.

We can place a “Buddy Engineer” on site to help you get the most from the system.

Black Stick Have been using Altium since it was founded in 2005.  We have unparalleled experience in helping our customers move up to the Altium tool-set.

Conversion expertise:

  • Most electronic design systems supported
  • Schematic conversion
  • PCB conversion
  • Library Conversion
  • Tailored to your company’s documentation and processes

We can provide training in our processes, giving the power to convert your design as and when you need.

We can assist with making sure your designs are 100% accurate to your old design system.

If you are unsure if Altium is the correct tool for you, we can help you decide (we are not affiliated with Altium).


Need training within a specific area of Altium:

  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Layout
  • Library Management
  • Documentation
  • Rules and Parameter setup
  • Templates
  • 3D Environment

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