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PCB Design Surgery

We are holding a PCB Design Surgery every Friday morning.


We realise that sometimes you just need a quick call to somebody with the right knowledge, rather than having to wade through pages of information just to get to the answer you need. Nobody wants to raise a purchase order for a problem that can be solved in less than an hour.

So we created the PCB design surgery to help solve this.

There will be three, one hour slots available to assist or discuss any issues you are having with your PCB designs.

These slots will be allocated on a  first come first serve basis.

How can we help?

Not sure which board build to use?

Want to discuss placement/routing strategies?

What size vias do I need?

What track thicknesses should I be using?

Are my return paths okay in this design?

Need some help with Altium designer?

Are you designing to IPC, and does it matter?

How do you down-cost your design?

What information do my suppliers need?

We can assist with these and many more.

Click HERE to book your one hour slot.